What we do

3JVU uses the power of Virtual & Augmented Reality to immerse customers into their data in order to deliver more integrated and actionable insights. With the volume of information available in various formats and through different sources, using 2D visualisation methods limits the impact of understanding sales, customer interactions and other core KPI’s.

Utilising advanced 3D Visualisation techniques, 3JVU are developing exciting and intuitive approaches to communicate key information to multiple stakeholders.



Through the application of Virtual and Augmented Reality, companies and their customers are able to experience a deeper emotional connection while building stronger, trustworthy and enduring relationships.


Memorability of a brand and when to use it is much more likely to happen when the experience or potential experience of the brand takes place in a familiar environment. Imagine communicating your brand essence to customers in a surrounding, which they recognise and understand. That is exactly what we do. Via Aaugmented Reality 3JVU are able to overlay your brands and its attributes into your customers real time environment e.g. within the home, office or any other location where you may be present..

360 Customer Experience

Having access to all of your customers' data in an easy to view platform enables you to truly understand how to deliver a compelling customer experience. Knowing what your customers want and like, how they act, think and behave enables you to take your customers on a much more informed and involving customer journey and 3JVU can help you get closer to your customers on this journey.


The possibilities of training staff in Virtual & Augmented Reality are endless. From real life simulations in life threatening situations to dealing with customers in a retail environment, 3JVU are developing a number of training programmes where the virtual world mirrors the real world and therefore provides a cost effective, interactive training experience for many industries.




The healthcare sector has been utilising virtual reality for a number of years in different areas including training, education, phobia treatment, rehabilitation mental health management and many other areas. The very ability to practise a procedure before actually undertaking surgery has truly revolutionised the healthcare landscape.

Pharmaceutical companies invest vast resources to research, develop & launch life saving treatments in specific patient populations. They also need to ensure that prescribers are aware of which patient types are viable for these products and it may take a doctor many days after seeing a sales representative before they see a patient for whom a specific product is acceptable. With limited time in front of a doctor, pharmaceutical companies need to make the sales interaction as memorable as possible. With 3JVU, they are now able to do that.


Financial Services & Insurance sectors have seen tremendous changes in adoption of new technologies to deliver a better customer experience through the medium of mobile technologies. By gaining greater insights into consumer spending behaviour and lifestyle choices banks and insurance companies are able to create tailor made products, which meet their customers needs instead of adopting a “one size fits all” model.

Use of collaborative and immersive technologies in private banking further enhances the customer experience where relationship managers can now engage with their customers in a virtual setting by immersing them with contextual based information. The outcome is a memorable experience for the client who can see their portfolios in its totality. The same concept is applicable the life and pension sector. 3JVU are building the foundation layer for such a service offering based on a solution concept developed with a leading banking services provider.


case studies

Private Banking VR

3JVU partnered with a leading banking and financial software provider to develop a unique way of visualising wealth data, which was more engaging for both the wealth manager and the end customer. The current system presents data in pie charts and graphs in a 2-dimensional format across a number of web pages. The goal was to present the data in a more engaging, immersive and contextual way. Virtual Reality affords us the opportunity to think outside of the box resulting in using Earth as medium to overlay asset data. This was particularly useful since the majority of the client’s portfolio asset classes (stocks and shares, currency, property etc.) are geographical in nature. Relationship managers and customers were able to visualise and interrogate the entire portfolio from a single vantage point in Virtual Reality. Ultimately, both parties were able to immerse themselves in the data and get a deeper appreciate of where the portfolio was under performing and where it was over performing.

Digital sports agency

As part of their digital fan engagement model, a leading sports digital agency partnered with 3JVU to develop a solution concept to create an immersive experience for fans using virtual reality. The collaboration allowed fans to watch multiple screens simultaneously and have key player data projected on data cubes, which the fans could interact with. The experience is a world away from the current norm where fans experience sports on a single screen with live action which sometimes is obscured by graphics overlay.