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We partner with companies to deliver integrated and actionable insights using advanced 3D visualisation techniques. Through the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality we empower our clients to gain deeper insights into current and prospective customers.

3JVU has developed solutions in training, data visualisation and customer experience for clients ranging from private banking, financial services, healthcare and entertainment.

Vic Jhanjee

Evangelist / Co-founder

Charanjit Jutley

Architect / Co-founder



The possibilities of training staff in Virtual & Augmented Reality are endless. From real life simulations in life threatening situations to dealing with customers in a retail environment, 3JVU are developing a number of training programmes where the virtual world mirrors the real world and therefore provides a cost effective, interactive training experience for many industries. Training in virtual reality enables mistakes can be made without incurring any financial or material loss.

Data Visualisation

There has been an exponential increase in the amount of data generated and used to make meaningful decisions. it is becoming more difficult to absorb and digest such vast amounts of information through traditional 2D visualisation techniques e.g. powerpoint or Excel. In addition, the ability to combine multiple sources of information allows decision making to move to the next level. Virtual reality and augmented reality allows data to be visualised and interacted with in a truly immersive manner. By living in a world of data rather than being a spectator in it, studies have shown that the effectiveness of the visualisation is multiplied. This leads to ‘demonstrably better perception of a datascape geometry, more intuitive data understanding, and a better retention of the perceived relationships in the data.’ ¹. Using Virtual Reality also allows for greater real estate and therefore a greater canvass on which to display the data. Donalek, C., Djorgovski, S., Davidoff, S., Cioc, A., Wang, A., Longo, G., Norris, J.S., Zhang, J., Lawler, E., Yeh, S. 2014. Immersive and Collaborative Data Visualization Using Virtual Reality Platforms. Accessed in August 2016.

Customer Experience

Consumers are becoming more demanding of brands and a positive brand experience can lead to greater loyalty and usage whereas a negative brand experience can have a far greater detrimental impact on the likelihood of future usage. Companies are increasingly looking for innovative ways to improve the brand & customer experience including chatbots, improved technology and easier ways to search and purchase. Virtual & augmented reality enables companies to build a stronger brand experience by bringing the user closer to the brand. They feel that they are more immersed and connected with the brand and therefore likely to command a greater brand loyalty. e.g. brand are developing apps allowing the customer to try on products without having to visit stores or enabling customers to access vast amounts of information about a brand while actually visualising the brand in front of them.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Patient ProfilAR™

Patient ProfilAR™ is an augmented reality solution delivering a real life customer experience during a sales representative call.


3JVU partnered with a leading banking and financial software provider to develop a unique way of visualising wealth data in Virtual Reality.

Card Analysis

Card Analysis is a mobile VR app that enables card users to visualise their debit card or credit card spend by category.





"A couple of years ago Pokemon Go! revolutionised mobile gaming with innovative use of augmented reality (AR). We are now seeing tech companies making an impact in the healthcare world with augmented reality and this is helping companies in this sector further engage with doctors and patients. Richard Staines spoke with one of the co-founders of start-up tech firm 3JVU, Charanjit Jutley to find out more."

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