Vic Jhanjee and Charanjit Jutley have been working in the consulting field for 20 years in their respective industries. Vic in the pharmaceutical & healthcare sector and Charanjit in the banking, IT & Insurance sectors. Being immersed in multiple data sources on a daily basis has enabled us to identify ways in which the data analysis & visualisation can be made more attractive, more insightful and ultimately more actionable.

Vic Jhanjee

Vic started his career in the pharmaceutical industry in sales and marketing functions for a global bio pharmaceutical company. After spending a number of years learning about the commercialisation of pharmaceutical products. Vic completed his MBA in International Business and moved into the consulting / data analytics area within the healthcare industry.

He has worked for some of the world’s largest insights & analytics organisations including IMS Health, GfK & The Kantar Group of companies. His proximity to clients’ business problems and data has meant that he has first-hand experience of the challenges faced by clients when analysing data but also can understand ways to integrate and communicate the insights to be relevant to the business questions in hand.

Charanjit Jutley

Charanjit is passionate about information technology and as a subject matter expert (SME) has helped a number of companies on digital transformation programmes. His early years were with a seismic research company processing large amounts of data leading to a development manager’s role with a software services provider to the insurance industry.

As an external consultant and a SME he engaged with a number or leading consulting companies including IBM, Accenture, Cap Gemini and Dell Services, in the financial sector, on total transformation and greenfield projects with reporting lines to management board and steering groups. Each requirement has its own set of challenges, from data transformation to systems integration, and it’s in such environments where he excels at delivering innovative solutions to meet current and future business needs.

Advisory Board

Ian Bullen

Ian has had a wide ranging career in a number of industries. Over the last 15 years, he has held general management roles within the IT Services industry, specialising in the financial services markets and insurance in particular.

He has worked for both large multi-nationals, as well as smaller organisations, which included a business start up. With extensive international experience including running businesses in Europe, North America and the Far East.

He was Chief Executive of Sirius (now SSP) Financial Systems’ Solutions Business. Previously, he was a director of Sherwood International and the SVP International for PMSC (now part of CSC). During his career, he has worked for organisations such as General Electric, AT&T and Logica.