Patient ProfilAR™

Introduction to Patient ProfilAR™

Patient ProfilAR™ is an augmented reality solution delivering a real life customer experience during a sales representative call.

Patient ProfilAR™ has provides a more meaningful customer interaction by enabling doctors to connect with different patient profile types, in familiar surroundings such as their clinic or surgery. Patient profiles currently being used by sales forces are static in nature and don’t enable the doctor to experience the emotional impact of a condition on a patient.

Patient ProfilAR™ enables the doctor to see a real time patient profile within the surroundings of their surgery and therefore has a greater chance of remembering the brand and patient type during patient consultations.

With no need for any additional equipment, Patient ProfilARTM uses the camera on your handheld device (tablet or smartphone) to visualise a patient profile in your existing surroundings. Simply hold the camera up, choose a profile and watch a patient discussing their condition, treatment regime and experience of living with their medical condition. Using the power of augmented reality, Patient ProfilARTM will enable you to deliver a more compelling customer experience, demonstrate innovation, increase recall of your brand and ultimately maximise prescription potential.