Wealth VR

Introduction to WealthVR

The Private Wealth VR product redefines the way we visualise wealth in a feature rich environment consisting of virtual spaces for both the relationship managers and customers

Relationship Managers are presented with a total client overview of portfolios under management with actionable insights originating from wealth management systems. Customers have access to their entire wealth portfolio in a contextual setting. The outcome is a memorable experience for the client who can see their portfolios in its totality.

Virtual meeting enables both the relationship manager and the customer can meet in the same virtual space to review the client's portfolio.

Advanced experience

Move from two dimensional screens to three dimensional interactions. You actually feel that you are part of it, which makes much stronger emotional impressions. No physical boundaries: The virtual world is no longer constrained by the physical space that you have. You can move around projections, you can put them on the table or floor, you can easily expand them if needed, etc. Interface with real world objects: Instead of showing screens, buttons, scroll bars, it is possible to use real world objects like a ringing bell to indicate a notification or go through your files or portfolios using a real rolodex.

Benefit Potential

Improved meetings: You actually have the feeling that you are in a meeting at a personal preferred location (e.g. golf course, moon), and not just a (video) phone call. Building relations: You are heavily involved processing the experience, which will return in much stronger/longer memories and impressions, which is key for, trust relations in Wealth management.